Marc compared Watches with Crypto & Stocks

What a year

50th Anniversary and the exclusive sales with Audemars Piguet Boutique only made the prices goes nuts!

Is there an End in sight? With the latest results from Phillips auction its a no! Discontinued modells are still sort after and with collectors desire them so much the availability is still short.

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Everybody's Darling

Yep, the Submariner is probably Rolex most famous Model. With its ceramic Lunette the perfect allrounder. Pricewise : Solid, with the potential to gain even more with its iconic status.

Marc says : 'Buy the right Modell as a full set. Everything else is okay, but not an Investment.'

Of course we only offer Modells with Box and Paper.

Dont forget the Submariner's Brother the GMT-II. Like the Hulk or Pepsi.

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Solid Investments

Marc say's ' The Datejust is the way to start with rolex'. Wear it with joy and pride with a solid price development. Especially the uncommon dials became highly collectable.

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The best Entree

The Omega Speedmaster has been the starter for most people. Highly appreciated within the community and a conversion starter for sure. With its limited editions an absolut stunner.

Compared to the MoonSwatch the prices are stable.In Fact: This year the Speedmaster gained 15.3% in value!

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Marc's Pride and Joy

In 2021 Marc did the unthinkable. An official Collaboration with Franck Muller. The highly collectable Watch has a signature blue dial and Marc's Logo. To make it even better : Its the only Franck Muller watch with a steel bracelet. 

Marc's promise of buying the Watch back for its original purchase price is a deal! Eventho there has been an successful auction. The result? 13.400€

Marc's personal stable Coin. Available Today but not long.

Franck Muller

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