Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 Monogram Sunset Canvas

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State of the bag

The bag corresponds to the official Louis Vuitton quality criteria. The bag is in good condition.

The bag was stored odorless (no smoking household )

Monogram Sunset Canvas gives this classic Keepall 50 with shoulder straps a modern twist. Pink and blue nuances combined in a knot-tie process are reminiscent of the end of a long day on the beach. Meanwhile, contrasting details in matt black, including stripes made of leather on the sides and the handles on the top, ensure a more masculine flair.
Straps: removable and adjustable
Length of the strap (worn, min.): 36.0 cm
Length of the strap (worn, max.): 50.0 cm
Handle: simple X2

Purchase and delivery

I hope I was able to describe the offered Louis Vuitton bag to you in detail and now I wish you success in purchasing this model. I would be happy, if the bag comes into good hands and gives the owner a lot of pleasure.

Product material Coated Monogram Sunset, Canvas Textile Lining

Color The Color Design Was Designed And Licensed By Daniel Cascarella.

Size 50 X 29 X 23cm (WxHxD)

Product Type Bags