Tiziana Terenzi

Tiziana Terenzi - Moro di Venezia

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GRÖSSE 100ml
BASISNOTE Oakmoss, Hinoki, Musk & Vanilla
HERZNOTE Violet, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine & Amber
KOPFNOTE Grapefruit, Pineapple, Bergamot & Cassis
Venice - a magical and enchanted place, with narrow streets, bridges and canals, and magnificent old buildings. A world that seems to float on the sea, vulnerable and strong at the same time, as unique and inimitable
as the fragrances of Terenzi. As their hometown was very close, Paolo and Tiziana were often in Venice with their family and their grandparents as children.
These journeys full of emotions and carefree joy that they once experienced through the eyes of children are reflected today in the precious bottles of the Tiziana
Terenzi Luna collection. The vitality of the daily market, the scent of spices, the preparations for the magical, approaching spring shape the images evoked by MORO DI VENEZIA. It opens with an explosion of citrus, Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian grapefruit, on a sweet bed of cassis and pineapple. In the refined combination of the essences of violets and lilies of the valley, which surrounds the beguiling explosion of real jasmine and aphrodisiac amber, one can sense the soul of this city on the sea. The passing of time, the venerable splendor of its cathedrals, the love of seafarers for the most distinguished and famous city in the world: Venice. In an image of freshness and lightness that only spring can bring, a strong accent of hinoki is perceptible, encased in oak moss and supported by the gentle strength of musk, which enhances the Madagascar vanilla pod. Moro di Venezia is the scent of a journey to an unknown and mysterious East, a place full of desires on the horizon of the sea.

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