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V CANTO - Stramonio

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GRÖSSE 100ml
BASISNOTE Ebony, Oakmoss, Red Patchouli
HERZNOTE Musk, Vaille, Gray Ambergris
KOPFNOTE Jasmine, Carnation, Saffron
Stramonio is not only a powerful poison, but above all a powerful hallucinogen and supernatural aphrodisiac. It has been cleverly used to guide lovers to infinite pleasures and to rule their hearts. It is also known as witch grass, which resulted in it being widely used in irresistible love potions and filters used by wizards.
Like Lucrezia's powerful Stramonium potion, this fragrance begins with a polite bouquet of hypnotic and convincing power that manifests itself instantly. The calming seduction of jasmine sways in a dance of love with the opulence of carnation and the delicate, regal notes of orchid and saffron. In counterpoint, the heart reveals its penetrating and cutting power, which is highlighted by gray amber and softened by the sweetness of vanilla berries and the effervescence of musk rose. The creation has its intertwined roots in the strength of the precious woods Red Patchouli and African Ebony, which are interwoven with refined oak moss and aphrodisiac musk.

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