The brand where luxury is defined by its artistic impression and skilled craftsmanship, paired with premium quality and exclusive quantities.

Timeless Collection

The ultimate timeless collection contains a range of iconic pieces, from leather bags with a cashmere feeling, super luxurious jewels, signature clothing pieces and lifestyle accessories

Gebauer & Gebauer is the epitome of luxury and style


    Leather Quality

    Cashmere leather softer than you've ever felt 

  • Made by Goldsmith &

    Designed by fashion award winning international

    CEO Birgitt Gebauer and luxury expert Marc Gebauer

  • Fabric Quality

    heavy but still soft, only the finest

    breathable cotton is used

Our culture and backgrounds differ, but we all love to shine and connect.

Style is one way to say who we are, to express our confidence in shared moments of humanity and speak to generations.

D A R E   T O   B E   U N I Q U E