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Air Tiger

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199€ / 100 ml

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GRÖSSE 100ml
BASISNOTE Amber, Woody, Labdanum, Benzoin
HERZNOTE Cedar, Orris, Patchouly, Leather
KOPFNOTE Juniper, Cardamom, Lemon
The first out of three kings was created from a vision,
a powerful message: raw, wild and distinctive.
No conventions were followed by mainstream scent making
Air Tiger is a complex construction which combines
the sparkling freshness from sicilian lemon & blends it 
with the rich& dark woods from India.
The strength of rare amber fusion with cedar, cardamon & 
exotic leather for a intense sensual awakening.
Scent is a very personal thing. It transports your emotions &
should enhance your confidence like a well tailored suit
compliments your appearance.
Air Tiger creates a rich atmosphere bright and eternal it 
envelops you during the day or night.
uncompromised raw scentmaking
Distributed by Marc Gebauer Lifestyle GmbH
Made in Italy

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