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The ICONIC WEEKENDER BAG - the one for a lifetime - 100% super soft leather outside and inside

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Nothing evokes a true sense of luxury like leather. Our bag is handcrafted with an elevated design. It is the perfect weekender, travel or gym bag.

  • Outside large heavy zipper pocket
  • Inside large side zipper pocket and two closeable side pockets, as well two slide side pockets

This lifetime bag is exclusively and individually handcrafted.

Material: 100% super soft - lightweight cowhide leather - outside and inside - feels like cashmere.

Measurement: length 50cm - height 33cm - depth 19cm

Produkt Material 100% Super Soft - Lightweight Cowhide Leather - Outside And Inside - Feels Like Cashmere.

Grösse Length 50cm - Height 33cm - Depth 19cm

Produktkategorie Fashion

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