Acqua Alpes

Acqua Alpes Parfum 2221

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GRÖSSE 50ml, 100ml
BASISNOTE Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver
HERZNOTE Tuberose, jasmine, gardenia
KOPFNOTE peach, cilantro, orange
The Seefelder Spitze with its 2,221 meters is the namesake of the new flowery unisex fragrance from Acqua Alpes. This is all about Seefeld and its
Surroundings, the unique and breathtaking landscape near Innsbruck. A small world of its own, whose nature is cherished and enlivened by pure, crystal clear water.
Exactly this irresistible charm unfolds when the fragrance is applied, the heart note of which is characterized by tuberose. The white flower with its sensual, beguiling and almost forbidden intense fragrance exudes after sunset and leaves indelible traces in our memories. Orange and coriander in the top note provide a spicy and fresh accent, while the base of white musk and wood aromas gives the fragrance a long-lasting, captivating and at the same time clear note. Our tuberose is a truly exquisite instrument of seduction!
Sandalwood, musk, vetiver

Tuberose, Jasmine, Gardenia

Peach, Corander, Orange

50ml, 100 ml


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