Initio Addictive Vibration - Eau de Parfum

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INITIO Parfums Privés ventures into a new theme with the creation "Addictive Vibration" from the series "The Absolutes". The scent has been metaphorically described as "addictive vibration".

Spring's newly awakened life pulsates in all its splendor in a sea of ​​magnificent apple blossoms and delicate, white orange blossoms. Tart and at the same time delicious honey notes tame and refine the creation and, with sensual, spicy vanilla and a good dash of the finest musk, give an idea that the mysterious forces of lust and love are at play here.

“Addictive Vibration” – that is pure feminine joie de vivre. At first, the creation reveals itself as a low-key, innocent, almost girlish springtime fragrance, but progressively lets its alluring and addictive sides shine through. When we realize that it has seduced us, we have long since fallen for its wearer.

Initios "The Absolutes" and "The Magnetic Blends" One brand, two lines. The lines "The Absolutes" and "The Magnetic Blends" were created to be mixed together. For a unique fragrance, a sensual signature, an olfactory fingerprint… you become an alchemist yourself! Objects of power... a secret for the initiated.

Fragrance notes: apple blossom, orange blossom, honey, vanilla, musk

Base note Apfelblüte, Orangenblüte, Honig, Vanille, Moschus

Product Type Parfum