Initio Atomic Rose - The Carnal Blends

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Atomic Rose. Light the blast!

A rose shaped into a fragrance with phenomenal power. An olfactory explosion - intense and emotionally charged. Joy from the purest energy, which reaches its climax in intoxication. An extraordinary fragrance, in the truest sense of the word.

From the start, the rose rises to the head and colors the cheeks. Equally explosive and fleeting, the fragrance powerfully expresses itself and lives up to its ambiguity.

Bright, with its shadows. female and male. Soft but ruthless.

Like an adrenaline rush, Atomic Rose flaunts its extravagance to make its wearer shine.

An explosive equation.

A rose with the potency of Hedione. Powered by the legendary ingredient of the Carnal Blends, the queen of flowers reaches a new dimension. Sublime and majestic, she unveils her own revolution in an absolute and uncompromising fragrance.

Base note Natural Bourbon Vanilla

Heart note Natural Bulgarian Rose, Natural Turkish Rose, Natural Egyptian Jasmine

Top note Natural Italian Bergamot, Natural Pink Pepper, Hedione HC

Product Type Parfum