Xerjoff Blend - Groove Xcape

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With a new chapter of Xerjoff Blends, another universe opens between the notes of sound and fragrance.

Sergio Momo and Max Casacci, co-founders of Subsonica and musical pioneers, have combined the sacredness of sound with the most precious ingredients of perfumery to create an incomparable experience that harnesses the power of rhythm and
Explores fragrance and takes the wearer to new, heavenly heights. Casacci's new track is created solely by the sounds of the Xerjoff perfumes - the slamming of the bottles, the swirling of the liquid and the hissing of the spray, which is reflected in the metallic top notes of the perfume Groove Xcape through ginger, elemi, pepper and cardamom. Meanwhile, frankincense, mimosa and myrrh penetrate the heart and reflect Max Casacci's passion for mysticism. Groove Xcape is based on an exquisite blend of labdanum, cedarwood and benzoin

Base note Patchouli, Labdanm, Zedernholz, Benzoe

Heart note Weihrauch, Rose, Mimose, Myrrhe

Top note Kardamom, Pfeffer, Elemi, Ingwer

Product Type Parfum