Initio Blessed Baraka - Eau de Parfum

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Blessed Baraka from Initio's The Absolutes series is dedicated to the spiritual world. In Islamic mysticism, the beneficent power Baraka is considered a beneficent divine power that flows through the spiritual and physical spheres and permeates all created things that prove worthy of divine blessing. This wondrous power can also be transferred from one object to another.

The energetic fragrance "Blessed Baraka" gives an aura of power and stands for seizing one's own destiny. Noble soft musk, valuable fine sandalwood and rich amber create an electrifying radiance that oscillates between power and attraction. Spiritual power and human grandeur become one.

Fragrance Notes: White Flowers, Sandalwood, Woods, Vanilla, Musk

Base note Weiße Blüten, Sandelholz, Hölzer, Vanille, Moschus

Product Type Parfum