Gebauer & Gebauer Bracelet SNOW WAVE - 925 sterling silver

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The collector's item, the start of it all! This exclusive bracelet has the strongest contrast and can be worn with all styles of watches, but also alone as a standout piece. 925 sterling silver wave patterns

in combination with soft white (grey and brown veins) round howlite stones.

Howlite is an opaque, its known as an exceptional observer of stress and tension. Howlite give you the strength to deal with sense situation.

All our jewelry is handmade in Germany, they will be individually handcrafted from the Master Goldsmith, specifically for you, therefore the delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Personalize your bracelet for free, with your two initials - Eg MB

Material: 925 sterling silver with 8 mm round howlite stones.

Product Type Fashion