Clive Christian Crown Collection - Crab Apple Blossom

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A collection that continues to celebrate Clive Christian's unique perfumery past spanning almost 200 years and reinterprets perfumes from the Crown Perfumery Company. A tribute to Victorian Great Britain and its love for all things elegant and noble. This collection will cause a stir with its exotic, exquisite blends. Clive Christian is characterized by concentration, complexity and dedication to the best ingredients. A reinterpretation of the most famous fragrances from the Crown Perfumery Company, groundbreaking fragrances in their time. Fetched from the archives and reissued for the modern perfume connoisseur. Probably the most famous product of the Crown Perfumery Company is a delicate perfume that was first created in 1886. The original fragrance was inspired by the flowering crab apple tree that grew in front of the home of the founder of the Crown Perfumery Company in Kensington, London. He was also the first perfumer to capture the scent of this unique ingredient. This refreshing citrus-aquatic perfume captures the characteristic spring flower apple blossom and exotic sea bergamot in its tip and ensures a lively first impression. The heart note reveals a fruity, floral character, which contrasts with modern notes of spicy green rhubarb and a fresh mint and sugar accord before it merges into a base of creamy sandalwood and aquatic aromatic driftwood. A fresh, invigorating, lemony and yet soft perfume with 151 ingredients and a strong concentration of 25% for a long-lasting fragrance that lingers on the skin like blossoming branches in the spring sun.

Base note Sandalwood, Moss, Musk, Driftwood, Amber, Kashmirwood Fusio

Heart note Osmanthus, Neroli, Apricot Blossom, Water Lily, Green Rhubarb, Mojito Flavor Fusion

Top note Marine Bergamot, Lemon Tree, Bitter Yuzu, Apple Blossom, Tangerine, Citrus Wood Fusion

Product Type Perfume