Marc Gebauer Cuban Chain

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Immerse yourself in the sparkling brilliance of the "Cuban Chain" made of silver with 1338 hand-set single crystal stones. This stunning necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that will take your style to a whole new level.  

The chain is made of high quality silver and decorated with 1338 beautiful single crystal stones. Each individual stone has been precisely set by hand to ensure a flawless appearance. The single crystal stones are 1.5-1.6mm in diameter and together they add up to an impressive total weight of around 27 carats.  

The sparkling shine of the single crystal stones gives the necklace a touch of luxury and elegance. The light is reflected by the stones and creates a radiant and fascinating sparkle. With this necklace you are guaranteed to be in the limelight and attract everyone's attention.  

The "Cuban Chain" is a versatile piece of jewelry that goes perfectly with different outfits and occasions. Whether for a glamorous evening look or as a stylish accessory for everyday life, this necklace will always add a touch of luxury.  

The high-quality workmanship and exquisite design make this necklace a valuable piece of jewelry that you can wear with pride. The secure clasp ensures that the necklace sits securely on your neck and you don't have to worry.  

Enjoy the radiant shine and timeless beauty of the "Cuban Chain" made of silver with 1338 hand-set single crystal stones. This piece of jewelry will make you feel special and express your personal style. Wear it with pride and let the admiring looks around you enchant you.