Marc Gebauer Emergency Design Feuerlöscher - Hot Sauce

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Get the ultimate fun and safety in one handy package with the new Marc Gebauer Fire Extinguisher!

Whether it's a burned mouth from a chilli challenge** or an actual fire, this handy fire extinguisher is also functional and can actually be used to put out small fires in an emergency.

Handy design: With its compact dimensions and light weight, this fire extinguisher is easy to carry and take with you anywhere. It's always ready when you want to spark a spark of fun.

Functional Fun: Although primarily a fun product, this fire extinguisher is still fully functional. It contains an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent that can be used effectively on small fires. Remember that this extinguisher is only suitable for small, controllable fires and should not be used as a substitute for professional fire protection equipment.

EASY OPERATION: Our fire extinguisher is designed with simple push-button operation that allows for quick and hassle-free activation.

Comes with wall bracket.

** of course do not spray in the mouth

Approval according to DIN EN3-7


Extinguishing agent: 1 kg ABC powder
Propellant: nitrogen (continuous pressure)
Efficacy: 5A 21B C
Weight: about 1.8kg
Dimensions (HxW): approx. 28 x 10 cm
Fire classes: ABC
Application temperature: -30°C to +60°C