Gritti Ivy Collection - Beyond The Wall

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Gritti is expanding the history of its Black Collection with the latest edition called 19-68, which marks the year Luca Gritti was born. Originally a personal fragrance, this aromatic fougère is now joining the existing fragrance line to capture another important part of the brand's history - the personality of the creator and owner. The main line of this eau de parfum is a classic fougère structure with light notes of aromatic herbs and an unexpected change to a deeper wood and amber base. This twist perfectly captures the spontaneity and liveliness of the Italian character and our respect for tradition and innovation. 19-68 is a fragrance for everyone who is open to face life as it is, to save the glory of the past and take care of the future.

Base note Sandalwood, Cardamom, White Musk

Heart note Iris, Black Tea, Creamy Accord

Top note Ginger Powder, Violet, Artemisia

Size 100ml

Product Type Perfume