Gritti Black Collection - Preludio

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The annual, traditional campfire at the headquarters of the Terenzis in the region of Cattolica, where the air is full of intense, fresh and woody aromas, served as inspiration for the production of the perfume.

For all those who want to express their individuality, who place high demands on life and not. southern breeze penetrates your nose and caresses your senses.


French lavender stands out concisely in the top note, as it can also be found on numerous coasts, as a symbol for wild nature. Watermelon and Sicilian lemon give the top note a fruity-refreshing base, which is rapidly interrupted in the heart note when pine from France and tart tobacco are added. The different woods and the sensual sandalwood transform the scent into a more exotic highlight, which is supported by the base of borage and amber. Musk is also added gently, but emphasizes a slight restraint and functions as a gentle contrast.


Amber, Borage, Musk

Woods, sandalwood, pine from France, tobacco.

French lavender, aromatic notes, watermelon, Sicilian lemon



Base note Amber, Borage, Musk

Heart note Woods, Sandalwood, French Pine, Tobacco

Top note French Lavender, Aromatic Notes, Watermelon, Sicilian Lemon

Size 100ml

Product Type Perfume