Gritti White Collection - Dame de L'ile - Damenduft

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A tribute to timeless, sublime charm. The "Dame de l'Île" (translated "Lady of the Island") remains in opulent beauty. The fragrance stands for the perfect feeling of a harmonious interplay - its subtle and subtle notes vibrate in absolute harmony. A charming lady dominates the scene with the beauty of a graceful angel who represents sincerity, refinement and poetic sensuality. As this fragrance unfolds, we see the legendary figure Elizabeth Wethered Barringer, who was portrayed by the Spanish painter Federico de Madrazo in the 19th century: her friendly look, her delightful, radiant beauty, the delicate gesture with which she holds the pink satin scarf , the proudly presented flawless cleavage adorned with fine lace flounces. Shaped by aromatic contrasts, this fragrance shows a radiant, lively fading of the citrus notes. Bergamot and lime herald the flaming heart of sensual, ripe flowers. Rose and jasmine plunge into the deep heat of the amber notes and conjure up an opulent, intoxicating oriental atmosphere. An excess of promises follows the everlasting, beguiling character of vanilla and musk.

Base note Vanilla, Musk

Heart note Rose, Jasmine, Ambergris Note

Top note Bergamot, Citric Notes

Size 100ml

Product Type Perfume