Gritti Tutu Blanc EdP Damenduft

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A star is born again - from the limited bestseller to the permanent highlight of the
A homage to the art of unrestricted femininity! Tutù Blanc begins with a symphonic overture that transports us straight into a lavish festival of the most delicious pleasures. Pink citrus notes meet toning sounds of black currant and green apple, while the unique, exotic, creamy aroma of coconut creates a refined gourmand undertone that softens the radiant fruit notes and leads to the heart of the composition. Here Tutù Blanc warms up thanks to a brilliant dance by two majesties of perfumery. Graceful and passionate at the same time, rose and jasmine float over a parquet made of almond-like, sweet heliotrope. A sensual duet that merges the delicate, flowery femininity of the rose with the warm abundance of seductive jasmine to form an irresistible accord. The finale ultimately creates an inseparable romance between the scent and your skin. Raspberry, fruity-sweet, repeats the sweet melody of the prelude and thus gives the dark base of gold shimmering vanilla, balsamic amber and the finest musk an enchanting lightness. Like a last dance by the ballerina - a grand finale full of sensuality, femininity and irrepressible poetry.

"In lingering on the grandeur of this sweet inspiration, Gritti conjures up the dream of the ballerina - the woman in whom the essence of the feminine merges with her wonderful calling. Tutù Blanc is the symbol of a new "way of life", of "becoming aware" of sensuality: life, not "on tiptoe", as is usually the case with ballet, but life, striving towards the morning unrestrainedly, living with freedom, barefoot to walk across the meadow. “

Base note Jasmine, Rose, Heliotrope

Heart note Jasmine, Rose, Heliotrope

Top note Grapefruit, Cassis, Coconut, Apple

Size 100ml

Product Type Perfume