Parfums de Marly Habdan - Arabian Breed

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With Habdan from the "Arabian Breed" collection, the perfume house Parfums de Marly presents another highlight of its art of perfumery, which is also dedicated to the noble breed of Arabian horses.

One of the five founding families of the Arabian horses is called Habdan. These noble steeds represent the smaller version of the Hamdani line, so to speak - with an equally strong and muscular build and a decidedly gentle disposition.

Right from the start, Habdan points clearly to the Orient, because wonderful incense rises towards us, which has been refined with almost fruity saffron. Like in a still life, freshly picked apples, precious woods and roses lie together in the heart, to be carried by warm amber notes, delicious caramel and balsamic myrrh.

Habdan by Parfums de Marly shimmers in all its oriental splendor with its precious spices and beguiling resins. However, sweet notes also show the gentle and balanced nature of the Habdan family. Habdan imparts a special strength that draws from a deep mind and great wisdom

Base note Ambergris, Caramel, Myrrh

Heart note Apple, Woods, Rose

Top note Saffron, Frankincense

Product Type Parfum