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The initially mysterious-looking combination of numbers and colors 17 Rosso (Italian for red) refers to the address of Roberto Ugolini's workshop in Via dei Michelozzi in Florence. The house number is 17 R, R means Rosso, red. In Florence, the red numbers stand for commercial or public places such as restaurants or shops, while the blue and black numbers number private houses. If you want to visit Roberto Ugolini personally, you should definitely tell the driver “17 Rosso”; Otherwise you could easily end up somewhere else, as the red house numbers are by no means based on the black ones. Once you have mastered this charming Florentine hurdle, you stand in front of the inconspicuous door of the shoemaker between an osteria and a café. The gate is as simple as it is, and the world of traditional craftsmanship presented to you there is extremely fascinating. The finest materials and artistic ingenuity are paired with a passion for something special. Roberto Ugolini stands for uncompromising quality and an extravagant Italian style like no other. Appreciated around the world, the master has now advanced to become one of the best bespoke shoemakers of his time.

17 Rosso - the fragrance
17 Rosso embodies the passion for extraordinary craft like hardly any other fragrance. To underline this, 17 Rosso also has an exceptionally high concentration of fragrance oil, a full 30%, which makes it an Extrait de Parfum. As with all fragrances in the collection, the concept comes from Herbert Stricker, and the perfumers Christian Calabrò and Maurizio Cerizza put it into practice with leathery-looking saffron, cool mint and green raspberry leaves. There is also fruity Cananga oil from the tropical plant Cananga odorata, also known as Ylang-Ylang. The heart shows itself with rich damask rose, fruity-spicy pink pepper and peony notes, which were rounded off with peppery nasturtiums. Balsamic styrax resin, flowery-soft ambrette seeds and woody amyris together with vetiver and cedarwood form the basis. 17 Rosso is a true unisex fragrance. The flacon was painted in an exciting red metallic to match this wonderful house number in Florence.

Roberto Ugolini
Lovers of the finest bespoke shoes from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Florence, in Via dei Michelozzi, located directly on the Piazza Santo Spirito . The inconspicuous entrance to the small shop is located between an osteria and a street café and could almost be overlooked. As modest as the exterior is, the bespoke shoes that Roberto Ugolini has been building in his workshop for over 20 years and that have long since achieved fame among connoisseurs around the world are just as spectacular.

Base note Frankincense, Labdanum, Musk

Heart note Clove, Nutmeg

Top note Bergamot, Sichuan Pepper

Size 100ml

Product Type Perfume