Xerjoff K Collection - Hayat

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The name Hayat comes from Arabic and means "life". Hayat is a complex story about the Aristotelian elements of the universe: earth, fire, air and water. Featuring scents such as neroli, cardamom, cedarwood and oud, Hayat from the Kemi Collection is an intriguing tale of light and shadow. Spicy undertones of bitter orange greet top notes of aromatic lavender, while rare and precious saffron casts an intoxicating spell.

Base note Indian Cypriol, Atlas Cedarwood, Singaporean Patchouli, Oud

Heart note Cardamom, Ceylon Cinnamon, Amber

Top note Bitter Orange From Brazil, Lavender From Bulgaria, Saffron From Iran

Size 50ml, 100ml

Product Type Parfum