Parfums de Marly Kalan

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Kalan - Elegance in the gallop. The one who can tame him will be free. A lover of rare materials, an enthusiast of exhilaration. A modern man from another time. In him every contrast becomes luxury, that is his privilege.

This perfume of a 21st century aesthete oscillates between light and shadow. It doesn't follow current trends. It sits on the fringes of fragrance families, taking the best of them all. A little Fougère, masculine and particularly cultivated.

The fragrance has an extremely fresh start with blood orange, black pepper and spices to give it a boost. The heart is defined by a lavender accord. Orange blossom absolute emanates, evoking the nobility of a French architectural garden. The base is dominated by white sandalwood covered with moss. Woody notes, ambergris and roasted tonka bean mingle on the skin, fueling the imagination.

Kalan - noble, powerful, charismatic - like the Thoroughbred for which he was named, one of the most celebrated of Louis XV's stables, noted for his strength, speed and dexterity. A fragrance, proud at first, but little by little it also allows to be conquered

Base note Moss, Exotic Woods, Tonka Bean, White Sandalwood, Dried Ambergris

Heart note Lavender, Sunny Notes, Orange Blossom Absolute, Cashmere Wood

Top note Blood Orange, Spices, Black Pepper

Product Type Parfum