Initio Musk Therapy - Extrait de Parfum

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INITIO - Musk Therapy

Pure, clear, sophisticated, bright, airy

Musk Therapy

Close your eyes, smell and feel a new kind of perception.
Experience the power of scent therapy.

Natural white sandalwood has been blended with an overdose of white and pink musk to create an addictive milky and velvety accord. This fragrance restores inner peace and well-being. The white magnolia activates the pleasure receptors, while the blackcurrant stimulates energy.

Musk Therapy is a magical mood enhancer that paves the way to inner peace and pure pleasure.

Base note White Musk, Rose Musk

Heart note White Natural Sandalwood

Top note Bergamot, Mandarin, White Magnolia, Blackcurrant

Product Type Parfum