Nobile 1942 La Danza delle Libellule - Fragranza Suprema

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A little luxury now and then flatters the soul! La danza delle libellule (THE DANCE OF THE DRAGONFLY) is a fragrance for one's own seduction, when femininity paves its way and screams for recklessness, looking for caress and carelessness. In every woman there is always a little girl slumbering with the longing for a little fairy tale world, with dukes and counts, with princesses and magnificent castles, surrounded by overwhelming gardens and wonderful clothes, adorned with pearls and precious stones, with romantic encounters and love intrigues. All these elements form the background to the melody from the piece by Franz Lehar, who composed the very successful operetta "Tanz der Libellen". With this inspiration, the new fragrance from Nobile 1942 brings light and warmth to the heart of the wearer, even in today's greatest confusion. Pure vanilla, a so-called "gourmet fragrance" that immediately envelops you in a pleasant, sensual cloud. It is important for our soul to be ensnared and loved, to love life with relish, but also to be careful with ourselves.


Vanilla, Coconut, Musk

Cinnamon, Cedarwood

Bergamot, Apple



Base note Vanilla, Coconut, Musk

Heart note Cinnamon, Cedarwood

Top note Bergamot, Apple

Size 75ml

Product Type Perfume