Xerjoff Oud Stars - Alexandria Orientale

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Alexandria is a city of pure dreams, built from the magical wood of the agarwood tree and thus largely eponymous for the eau de parfum "Alexandria II", which is all about oud - the rare and exclusive resin of the tree.

The fruits, which have a decisive influence on the top note of the Eau de Parfum Alexandria II, are reminiscent of the warmth of the day in an Arab market, which is framed by sweet lavender blossoms, which only intensify the inspiring aroma. Rosewood reproduces the stalls that can be found all over the city, cinnamon is a symbol of the spices offered there - an oriental masterpiece full of intensity and passion.

The heart note continues in a similarly opulent manner, with the lily of the valley attracting all the senses with their lovely sweetness, while rose and cedarwood try to dominate with their usual energy, but can only offer a clear feeling in the background of the fragrance - unusual for the otherwise clear, defined and concise components, but all the more mysterious and mysterious for the eau de parfum "Alexandria II" by XerJoff.


Base note Amber, Indian Sandalwood, Musk, Tobacco Leaf, Madagascar Vanilla And A Blend Of Malaysian Ouds

Heart note Cedar, Italian Iris, Bulgarian Rose, Coriander

Top note Green Apple, Basil, Ottoman Frankincense, Leather

Size 50ml

Product Type Perfume