Parfums de Marly Pegasus

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An oriental fougère, very rich in contrasts and simultaneously fresh and aquatic notes - combined with animal, creamy, smoky and musky nuances.

Pegasus is named after the legendary 18th century horse race winner. Dedicated to the predecessor of many later, celebrated champions of this traditional sport, Parfums de Marly wants to awaken the spirit of victory of its namesake with this special fragrance.

Pegasus is an intoxicating fragrance that impressively showcases the exclusive masculine note with a touch of sportiness. The sixth fragrance from Parfums de Marly impresses with its stimulating blend of bergamot and almonds, which soon develops into a base of vanilla, sandalwood and ambergris - as if made for a real gentleman.

Parfums de Marlys Pegasus proves to be a powerful union of oriental culture, tradition and elegance.

Base note Ambergris, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Heart note Lavender, Almond, Jasmine

Top note Bergamot, Heliotrope, Cumin

Product Type Parfum