Roberto Ugolini High Heel White

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High heels stand for pure femininity. Mostly it is elegant women's shoes that are adorned with the high heels after which they are named. As we know them today, they came up at the beginning of the 20th century and became popular in this country thanks to prominent and self-confident women - such as the icon Marlene Dietrich. Whether on the catwalk, in business or in private, high heels are the epitome of femininity, seduction, elegance and grace. Nothing beats emancipated high heels ...

High Heel White has a seemingly endless heel. Its wearer makes her grand entrance. All eyes are only on her. She exudes size, strength, self-confidence and style. She is feminine through and through, the epitome of sovereignty and beauty; she is surrounded by an air of seduction.

High Heel White - the fragrance
High Heel White - conceived by the creative head Herbert Stricker, realized by the perfumers Christian Calabrò and Maurizio Cerizza - with its intense concentration of fragrances, it makes a big impression. A sparkling, shimmering veil of fresh lemon and mandarin shines over the creation. Fresh green galbanum and coriander give the scent a soapy, clean tone. The powdery iris in the heart takes up this impression and connects it with notes of rose and pelargonium, with lily of the valley and a sharp cardamom nuance. One immediately thinks of a chypre, but the triad is not traditionally completed. In the base, instead of oak moss or musk, we find finely spicy vanilla and tonka bean, sensual amberwood, a touch of earthy patchouli and the spiritual aura of incense and fine woods.

The High Heel White fragrance tends to be aimed at women. A perfume created for the bride, for the business woman, the seductress and the doer alike.

Roberto Ugolini
Lovers of the finest bespoke shoes from all over the world make a pilgrimage to Florence, in Via dei Michelozzi, directly on the Piazza Santo Spirito. The inconspicuous entrance to the small shop is located between an osteria and a street café and could almost be overlooked. As modest as the exterior is, the bespoke shoes that Roberto Ugolini has been building in his workshop for over 20 years and that have long since achieved fame among connoisseurs around the world are just as spectacular.

Base note Vanilla, Amberwood, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Frankincense, Woods

Heart note Iris, Cardamom, Rose, Lily Of The Valley, Geranium

Top note Lemon, Galbanum, Tangerine, Coriander

Product Type Perfume