Marc Gebauer Tennis Synthetic Bracelet

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Experience timeless elegance and radiant shine with our exquisite tennis bracelet set with 38 high-quality 5.0mm synthetic single crystals. Each individual single crystal has been carefully selected and artfully crafted into the bracelet to create a stunning sparkle and unparalleled brilliance.  


Our tennis bracelet has been manufactured with great care and craftsmanship to ensure optimal wearing comfort and a long service life. Each individual link of the bracelet is precisely crafted and ensures a comfortable fit on the wrist. The classic design of the tennis bracelet makes it a timeless piece of jewelry that can be worn both in everyday life and on special occasions. But it can also be worn when traveling because the synthetic monocrystals have the same optical value, but the material value can also be worn more relaxed abroad.  

Weighing approximately 19 carats in total, this tennis bracelet adds impressive weight and presence to your wrist that will turn heads. The synthetic single crystals were created under rigorous laboratory conditions to achieve the same chemical composition and optical clarity as natural diamonds. They offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to natural diamonds without compromising on quality and beauty.  

Treat yourself to the luxury and exclusivity of a tennis bracelet with 38 high-quality 5.0 mm synthetic single crystals. This bracelet will become the shiny highlight on your wrist and attract admiring glances. Enjoy the fascinating shine and the timeless beauty that this extraordinary piece of jewelry brings with it.  

Please note that the synthetic Single crystals in our tennis bracelet offer the same quality and beauty as natural diamonds. They are a sustainable and ethical choice, giving you the luxury and glamor of real diamonds without compromising natural resources. Invest in timeless elegance and quality with our tennis bracelet featuring 38 premium synthetics Single crystal that will add a touch of luxury to your look.