Carthusia Terra Mia - Eau de Parfum

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Eyes closed - the sun on your face. From everywhere a fresh breeze brings thousands of smells belonging to my homeland “Terra Mia”. There is no question if, when or where it is, it is equally everywhere. Because it's about the love for one's own roots, the pride in the uniqueness that resonates with every thought, hope and gesture. It is self-knowledge that feeds curiosity - day after day. Bergamot, neroli and pink pepper greet you lively - almost like a happy song. Or is it Pulcinella's mask that evokes a smile?

The air is quickly permeated with the scent of roses and jasmine - the touch of the mild climate, which lasts longer here than anywhere else. This leaves room for a coffee whose scent can be perceived at any time by the "passers-by", even with one Hints of hazelnut or orange blossom.

These cheerful fragrance characters spring from tradition and conquer tastes and hearts. The memory of vanilla and amber is directly related to places, with buildings and symbols in the dim light of the sun. The churches and the old doors of the mansions of Naples, places where time seems to have stopped and last but not least it is Pulcinella's mask that makes us laugh and cry at the same time in the whirlpool of opposite feelings.

Tradition and development, passion and future, peace and creativity - all this is home - "Terra Mia".

Base note Ambergris, Musk, Vanilla

Heart note Rose, Jasmine, Orange Leaves, Coffee, Hazelnut

Top note Bergamot, Neroli, Pink Pepper

Product Type Parfum