Xerjoff Casamorati - Italica

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The new fragrance in the Casamorati collection by Xerjoff

With its Casamorati collection, the fragrance house XERJOFF honors the great history of the Italian manufacture from the 19th century and the artistic glamorous "Art Nouveau" era associated with it. The fragrance ITALICA in the Casamorati collection by Xerjoff was originally created exclusively for the luxury department store Harvey Nichols in London.

ITALICA is a milky, sweet, extraordinary gourmand fragrance, which, like the other fragrances in the collection, artfully highlights the vintage character of the time. The bottle from ITALICA is dressed in opulent dark red velvet. The packaging underlines the extravagance of the fragrance. In the top note, gentle notes of milk play around the nose. The tart sweetness is harmoniously complemented by creamy almonds, and as a contrast, Xerjoff at Italica relies on spicy saffron, which is a real rarity and ensures an irresistible fragrance experience. The sensual and warm sweetness also stands out in the heart note, carried by notes of wonderful vanilla and toffee. In the base note, Italica gets its pure elegance from white musk, while sandalwood and cedarwood round off the eau de parfum and ensure a lively, long-lasting sillage.

Base note Sandalwood - Cedarwood - White Musk

Heart note Vanilla - Toffee

Top note Saffron - Almonds - Milky Notes

Size 100ml

Product Type Perfume