XerJoff - Decas

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12 Monate Gewährleistung
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GRÖSSE 100ml
BASISNOTE Musk, Tolu Balsam, Bourbon Vanilla
HERZNOTE Tuscan Iris, Benzion, Opoponax
KOPFNOTE Tuberose, Brazilian Mandarin, Tobacco
Decas is the Latin word for "decade", ie a "tenth", or a number of ten. For the fragrance DECAS from the perfume house XERJOFF in Turin, this means that 10 years after the first appearance of the XJ1861 collection, the collection is now growing in the form of this 4th fragrance.
The collection with the first 3 fragrances - Renaissance, Naxos and Zefiro - came onto the market in 2011, honoring the founding of the Republic of Italy in 1861. Now 160 years of enthusiasm and Italian creativity are reflected in all of them Fragrances from the XJ1861 collection. The flacons are decorated in different ways with the colors of the Italian flag. DECAS is a fresh, floral fragrance, with contrasting notes of tobacco and tolu balsam. At first the orange zest shine, but the notes of tobacco and tuberose give the scent a multilayered depth. Soft and smoky opoponax warm the heart, while tolu balm and vanilla provide a lasting and impressive base.

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