XerJoff - Join the Club - Ivory Route

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BASISNOTE balsamic, herbal
HERZNOTE Patchouli, powdery, aromatic
KOPFNOTE warm, spicy, woody, fresh and spicy

Ivory Route is the club for extreme adventures and a place to return to after a trip around the world far from the conventional routes. The path is the
goal, the adventure the challenge. Steamer suitcases, carpets and mementos from all four corners of the globe are scattered around, a historical map looms over the informal and inviting ambience. An open mind is a prerequisite for membership in the Ivory Route Club. The top note represents the unknown. A spicy note, almost spicy, clears the senses and prepares the mind. It is reminiscent of fine basil with a strong pinch of clove pepper. The heart note of Ivory Route represents the thrill. Live in the moment and not know what is happening next. Warmer spicy notes join the composition, the mood of the
fragrance becomes a bit calmer. The earthy aroma of sandalwood and patchouli unfolds slowly but steadily. These form the basis of the fragrance. Ivory Route smells like
an authentic and emotionally intense journey, accompanied by a high level of adrenaline: warm, slightly spicy, enveloping and always good for a surprise.

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