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BASISNOTE Bourbon Vanilla Caramel
HERZNOTE rose, coriander
KOPFNOTE Dried Fruits, Rose, Caramel, Agarwood (Oud), Vanilla
New in the collection: K‘BRIDGE - dedicated to the vibrant Knightsbridge district in London
The fragrance was originally created for the company's own Xerjoff boutique in the historic
luxury department store HARVEY NICHOLS in London. Opened in 1831, the department store offers an unforgettable and vibrant shopping experience in the posh area of ​​Knightsbridge. K‘BRIDGE by Xerjoff takes you into this lively and unique environment; all senses are addressed, you can indulge in luxury ... K‘BRIDGE opens with notes of dry fruits, paired with a wonderful rose. Caramel tones shimmer through and give the fragrance a delicious gourmand touch that really makes you want to spend luxurious moments. In the base there is also a slight oud accent, combined with that rose, and a touch of vanilla, for the sweetness of life. K‘BRIDGE is definitely a sweet, fresh gourmand fragrance.

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