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An eau de parfum that is entirely dedicated to poets, poets and literature - an intellectual fragrance that inspires with creative and unconventional notes that underline the spirit of the bohemian.

In addition, “More than words” shows itself at the beginning of a fruity and sweet side, which quickly mixes with a dominant chord of wood and smoke.
The smoky components of the fragrance are made up of a wide variety of components, each of which acts like an explosion of the senses - frankincense, ambergris and labdan resin.
The actually so inconspicuous and sweet fruit note, combined with a sinful, concise oriental chord, which is also defined by the strong presence of oud. The result is a sometimes very strong, but sometimes very reserved composition, which is the ideal model for stories and poetry - emphasizing the variety of facets, lively, with every emotion at the same time.
Amber, ladanum, floral notes, oriental notes.

Fruit notes, woody tones, oud, incense



Heart note Ambergris, Ladanum, Floral Notes, Oriental Notes

Top note Fruit Notes, Wood Tones, Oud, Incense

Size 100ml

Product Type Perfume