Xerjoff Shooting Stars - Cruz del Sur II

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The skin eagerly soaks up the juices nourished by tiny, luxurious streams of mango, pineapple, guava, and apple blossom. Of the millions of creations, the most radiant is the one who appears as pure as the Yanomami people of the Amazon. The people there live in the rainforest on the border between Brazil and Venezuela. The heart of Cruz del Sur II is a bouquet of exotic flowers that brings notes of black currant and green leaves to the stone altar as a gift and goes a long way. The flora and fauna in the rainforest unite under the benevolent rule of vetiver and cedar wood. This interplay responds to the milky nuances like a distant drum. The cries of animals echo from the tree stumps, accompanied by notes of candied fruit and soft musk. The most beautiful of all green worlds deserves such inspiration. It's time to take off - like a butterfly of an undiscovered species.

Base note Vetiver, Cedar, Milk, Candied Fruit, Musk

Heart note Exotic Flowers, Black Currant, Green Leaves

Top note Mango, Pineapple, Guava, Apple Blossom

Size 50ml

Product Type Perfume