XerJoff - Shooting Stars - Kobe

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BASISNOTE Rosewood, Siam Tonka Bean Benzoin, Amber, Styrax & Musk
HERZNOTE Orange, neroli, petitgrain
KOPFNOTE Bergamot, Cistus, Labdanum
It is unifying citrus notes from all over the world that characterize Kobe: The radiantly refreshing prelude impresses with a phenomenal neroli from southern Italy combined with petitgrain from Paraguay, Calabrian bergamot and orange from Florida. The combination impresses with an astringent deep and green mood. Kobe's special feature is the unusual marriage of his heart notes made of exotic rosewood and balsamic resins. Agarwood is the key to this composition, with rosewood, tonka and ambergris forming the base. Basis for a lasting and truly elegant essence!

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