Xerjoff Oud Stars - Alexandria III

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After the success of the limited edition of 99 pieces sold exclusively by Harrods with bottles completely covered with gold crystals,
Xerjoff is now launching the new bottle Alexandria III, which is characterized by a texture with oriental charm. < br>
From an olfactory point of view, the essence has the same properties as Alexandria II with a predominance of Bulgarian rose and Laotian oud.


Amber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, Thai oud, Laotian oud.

Cedarwood, lily of the valley, bulgarian rose

Cinnamon, rosewood, lavender



Base note Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla, Thai Oud, Lao Oud

Heart note Cedarwood, Lily Of The Valley, Bulgarian Rose

Top note Cinnamon, Rosewood, Lavender

Size 50ml

Product Type Perfume