Xerjoff V Collection- Amabile

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AMABILE follows the path of Accento and Erba Pura: a timeless, yet avant-garde, very modern perfume!
Unmistakable tangy and fresh top notes are underlined by fresh fruits and floral and spicy nuances. The result is an extraordinary fragrance with a very long shelf life and high recognition value!
AMABILE and its grades perfectly match the style of the two predecessors and trailblazers. The prelude is a real wave of energy, provoked by green apples and Mediterranean fruits. Very quickly then, exotic notes of flowers and spices rise slightly. In the base, more classic essences follow, which are perfectly coordinated and contrast the opening pyramid: extoic woods, white musk, and green vanilla. The green vanilla is a new, innovative natural extract from vanilla pods in the ripening process, the result is a sweetness with a green touch ...
AMABILE aims to put a smile on every face in these difficult times for all of us.
The bright green velvet flacon is the perfect embodiment of this vibrant yet sensual perfume!

Base note Exotic Woods, Green Vanilla, White Musk

Heart note Pink Pepper, Flowers, Spices

Top note Green Apple, Mediterranean Fruits

Size 100ml

Product Type Perfume