XerJoff - V - Opera

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12 Monate Gewährleistung
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GRÖSSE 100ml
BASISNOTE Amber, Sandalwood, Moss, Tobacco, Oud
HERZNOTE Cashmeran wood, rose
KOPFNOTE Bergamot from Reggio, Calabria, Copaiba Balm, Clary Sage
Curtain up - for “Opera”! Fruity notes and chords of nutmeg flow towards us full of joie de vivre. Opulent flowers soon join in,
cool rose notes and white ylang-ylang, so that the fruitiness comes with a pleasant powderiness. Vanilla rounds off the delicacies in the base.
Gradually, amber and leather, patchouli, Virginia cedar wood, vetiver and musk pour in, catapulting the fragrance to the height of ultimate beauty.

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