XerJoff - V - Overture

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GRÖSSE 100ml
BASISNOTE Sandalwood, Cashmere Wood, Ambergris, Vanilla, Frankincense
HERZNOTE Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Bulgarian Rose, Cinnamon
KOPFNOTE Orange, magnolia, fig leaves

Although the hall is occupied by dozens of people, you seldom hear more than a low cough. The golden chandeliers spread a subdued and pleasantly warm light that makes the velvet, pearl gray walls seem to glow. An expectant tension that focuses on the stage fills the room.

The overture begins with an elegant combination of delicate white flowers and Mediterranean fruits wrapped in fragrant fig leaves! This is followed by a floral interplay of a bouquet of beguiling flowers and an imperceptible play of colors, which is challenged by aromatic cinnamon.

In the finale, sandalwood, notes of cashmere, amber, vanilla and incense face each other. They give the fragrance the legendary magic of the Orient - before the curtain is finally lowered ...


Sandalwood, cashmere wood, amber, vanilla, incense.

Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Bulgarian Rose, Cinnamon

Orange, Magnolia, Fig Leaves



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