Parfums de Marly Galloway

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With Galloway, Parfums de Marly pays tribute to a very special representative of this lovable genre. In fact, the Galloway horse, which because of its size is more likely to be classified as a pony, has been known for many centuries and one can assume that it was precisely these horses and their experienced riders that Julius Caesar praised in his writings.

In the 18th century a very special Galloway horse is said to have been discovered in the deep valleys of southern Scotland, a mysterious gray, possibly one of the last of its kind? This stallion was the inspiration for Parfums de Marlys Galloway, which carries the reputation of these horses out into the world and sets them an eternal monument. The top notes full of hesperides set citric and fresh accents, artistically reinforced with a little pepper. In the heart, a graceful iris is added, accompanied by orange blossoms, which florally pick up on the previously started citrus theme. The base notes of ambergris and musk add a sensual component that rounds off this fragrance creation and transforms it into a statement that is both powerful and elegant.

Base note Ambergris, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Heart note Orange Blossom, Iris, Ylang Ylang

Top note Orange, Pear

Product Type Parfum