XerJoff - 17/17 - Symphonium

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Geprüftes Original
12 Monate Gewährleistung
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BASISNOTE Musk, vanilla from Madagascar and a blend of Thai and Laos oud
HERZNOTE Indian cardamom, Belgian chocolate
KOPFNOTE Spanish tangerine, orange

Symphonium reveals symbols of irrepressible joy in a mystical context.
Tempting notes and a warm aura made of extravagant woods stand for a fascinating secret in this fragrance. Symphonium is initially presented with a spicy Spanish mandarine and notes of aromatic orange juice. Enchanting and poignant like a poem. Like a choir of divine voices. The appetizing citrus accords merge with Indian cardamom, which heralds the fresh top note of warm Belgian chocolate. The intensely sweet and deliciously dark composition seduces with an irresistibly delicate aura and calls for sensual musk. A precious duet with exquisite oud from Thailand and Laos as well as exquisite vanilla from Madagascar
enrich the cryptic character of Symphonium.

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