Initio Absolute Aphrodisiaque - Eau de Parfum

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The fragrance "Absolute Aphrodisiac" from the series "The Absolutes" by Initio keeps what it promises. In no time the desire to snack and enjoy is awakened. Appetizing deliciously soft vanilla paired with the animal power of musk and seductive castoreum, the latter also known as the eroticizing "castoreum".

Blurring the lines between the cravings of the palate and the pleasurable and intimate high when skin meets skin - "Absolute Aphrodisiac" makes fantasies come true.

Initios "The Absolutes" and "The Magnetic Blends" One brand, two lines.
The lines "The Absolutes" and "The Magnetic Blends" were created to be mixed together. For a unique fragrance, a sensual signature, an olfactory fingerprint… you become an alchemist yourself! Objects of power... a secret for the initiated.

Fragrance notes: white flowers, ambergris, vanilla, musk, castoreum

Base note Weiße Blüten, Ambra, Vanille, Moschus, Castoreum (Bibergeil)

Product Type Parfum