Carthusia A'MMare - Eau de Parfum

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With the new fragrance A'mmare, Carthusia pays tribute to its Capri DNA. An island surrounded by deep blue seas, Carthusia is part of the soul of Capri. Like a secret garden, the sea carries a wide variety of scents into the streets of Capri on a sunny day. Coral branches, shells, salt, sand and seaweed. A floral garden of vegetation and seawater that symbolizes the whole of life and vegetation in Capri. Here was the inspiration for Luca Maffei, A'mmare's perfumer, who has previously created Essence of the Park, Terra Mia, Tuberosa and the reinterpretation of Gelsomini di Capri.

Base note Cedarwood, Patchouli, Guaiac Wood, Musk

Heart note Aquatic Notes, Maritime Notes, Mint

Top note Bergamot, Salty Notes, Rosemary

Product Type Parfum