Dr. Vranjes Firenze Ginger Lime - Candle

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Each country visited is remembered through emotions and smells. For Paolo Vranjes, a trip to Brazil many years ago is associated with the smell of limes used in the preparation of the caipirinha, a cocktail unknown at the time. The aromatic liqueur with a spicy tip reminiscent of ginger is enhanced by the luscious scent of lime. The fragrance tells the story of this cocktail, which later also conquered Europe.

Place the candle on a level surface. Make sure that it is not exposed to drafts and that it is not near combustible material.

Light the candle carefully, preferably with a special stick lighter for candles.

Trim the wick slightly, making sure it is at least 1cm long.

Make sure the wicks are vertical. Use the appropriate tool to straighten them.

Make sure the wax is free of any residue.

Base note White Pepper

Heart note Ginger

Top note Lime