Histoires de Parfums This is not a blue bottle 1.1

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A year ago, Histoires de Parfums launched its blue period with “This is not a blue bottle 1.1”. For the first time ever, Histoires de Parfums never told a story, a poem or a novella with this fragrance. "This is not a blue bottle 1.1" is a great abstraction, the expression of an olfactory hallucination and a fragrance that stands for the freedom of expression for everyone. The "blue side" is up to us to describe it ... This perfume enchants with an irresistible one Aldehyde note combined with a hypnotic bitter orange that exudes imaginative pleasure. Amber gives the skin the feeling of a burning longing. Patchouli creates a mysterious, abysmal depth. Blue bottle 1.1 is the perfume of abstraction and the bottle in its eclectic blue stands for "all or nothing"

Base note Magnetic Amber, Heavenly Musk

Heart note Metallic Geranium, Sweet Honey

Top note Hypnotic Aldehyde, Electrifying Orange

Size 15ml, 60ml, 120ml

Product Type Perfume