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Carthusia Infinity Oud Diffuser 500ml is a floral diffuser. A field of lavender in Provence meets the warm embrace of the Middle Eastern wind. This is the simplest way to introduce Infinity Oud, a fragrance born from the meeting of different essences. There is lavender with its intense scent, reminiscent of running across endless meadows that wrap the earth in its violet cloth. Then come the notes of Oud, the Middle Eastern scent extracted from the Agarwood tree. Infinity Oud Diffuser is a warm embrace, a pinch of mystery and the charm of a culture that has learned to refine the properties of this resin into a precious essence.

Base note Vetyver, Darkwoods, Labdanum, Styrax

Heart note Lavender, Jasmine

Top note Bergamot, Black Pepper, Elemi

Size 500ml