Pana Dora Moonlight - Eau de Parfum

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A calm evening by a lake surrounded by the stars and natural moonlight. It's the perfect scene to experience Moonlight. Moonlight is the perfect companion for a moonlit evening. With its soft and attractive tones, you will feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the night and get all the attention you deserve. So if you want to live an evening of mystery and delicacy, surrounded by a fragrance that captures your soul, Moonlight is the fragrance that creates a lasting experience and leaves an unforgettable impression on everyone who crosses your path.

Base note Cedarwood, Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Tobacco, Honey, White Chocolate

Heart note Fruity Notes, Clove Leaves, Chocolate, Peach

Top note Tangerine, Plum

Product Type Parfum